We are Savvy Docs!

We are physicians with a background in finance and accounting combined with 10+ years of experience being a physician in the business world!

We provide courses and tips for new physicians and other health care providers (including aspiring ones!) for managing your money wisely and making the best decisions for you and your future plans! We discuss student loan repayment, budgeting, investing, tax savings, planning for retirement, the different types of insurance, how medical reimbursement works, and how to maximize every dollar you earn!

Many of us will rely on a team of professionals to help us with business related decisions. A team can consist of an accountant, financial advisor, or banker, or combination. Don’t be a poor suspecting doc that gets taken advantage of! Let us teach you their language, the definitions, and what to look out for when dealing with these experts! We can refer you to professionals we have personally done business with to ensure you are in the hands of people with years of experience backed by integrity and honesty.

Take our course and become a Savvy Doc.